Welcome from upvapers! – Introducing our project

Welcome vapers from all over the world! On this page, or preferably in this article, we would like to introduce UpVapers to you, explain our project, the origin of our idea, and give you more information about UpVapers and us.

Each of us owes a lot to the world of vaping; this is because it probably saved our lives.
It is precisely for this reason that a small candle is born in our mind, a glimmer of an idea aimed at becoming a real project and with a bit of luck to be successful.

The idea we are talking about is the same one of every vaper, to make the world understand how vaping is a valid alternative to smoking, spreading our passion all over the world.

Therefore what is the best way to make this happen?
We thought that the first thing you notice when you first meet new persons is usually their clothes.
So we have thought about spreading vape passion, with a clothing brand dedicated to vape, but in this way, it doesn’t convince other peoples or us, and above all, it’s not enough.

For this reason, we have decided to contact important and established brands in the vaping sector, giving stability to the company but more important devolving together with them, part of the profits derived from t-shirts sales, precisely the 30% of them, to different Cancer Research Companies, Advocacy Associations, and to associations that help people to Quit Smoking.
To stimulate people to help, by buying a simple t-shirt you will be able to do good things and to help someone.

We know it’s a big project, and it won’t be easy to make it come true, but with your help, it could become something important one day, so that together we will be able to really help our community and peoples.

We as vapers believe in the community and this project, we hope that you will be able to believe in it as we do.

Best Regards – Lorenzo C. UpVapers CEO

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