New Vape Clothing Line ”The Beginning”

What’s going on Vape enthusiasts?  UpVapers is happy to announce and introduce you to the new Vape Clothing line ”The Beginning”.

3 Unique designs are inside this first line: Vaping Goat, Vaping Gentleman, and Coil Head

All three designed intending to be funny but fully embracing the vape spirit.

The ”Vaping Goat” Design wants to stimulate our animal spirit,
the goat can jump every obstacle to claim the mountain,
the mountain that everyone wants to put against vaping, but all together we will be able to do it!

The ‘‘Vaping Gentleman” represents the goodness and well fair of vapers, their wish to help people quit smoking and save lives.
We are quiet and gentle, but ready to bet ourselves to fight and win.

The ”Coil Head” design is funny and fully embrace the soul of each vape enthusiasts for building the perfect coil for our atomizer! Wear it proud and show what you are capable of doing!

Hope you’ll like this first line, and if you don’t, you have nothing to be worried about as a lot of new design is coming soon.

Remember guys 30% of the profit made out of this line will be devolved to fight for Vape independence and against tobacco. You will be able to check how much will be donated by reading the monthly report published in the news section.

Keep up the good name of Vaper, be proud of it, and catch you soon!

-UpVapers Out!

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